The Black Watch: The Journal of Unconscious Psychology and Self-Psychoanalysis

Truth is



Creative function is one of the most mysterious and fascinating aspects of our diverse human potential.  Please read the Novel Idea essay, and more importantly, the paper on Native Psychoanalysis linked below, paying careful attention to the Open Emotional Posture and its derivation.  The Open Emotional Posture is the keystone to my methodology of increased creative function.  You will also find substantial information on creative enhancement, and creative psychology, in the books offered on this site.  Please check back, as over the next few months, I will add a paper and an essay detailing the creative process and my method with specific examples, also including information about the creation of imagery and symbolism.  More material providing detailed analysis of the dynamic conscious/unconscious aspects of creative function and its enhancement will follow––so bookmark this page and check back.   

Read the Novel Idea essay, and discover the meaning within the formula which holds our mystery:

(-I · R = I) = (+Δsu) + (-(Δ?))

A Novel Idea: From Symptom to Sublimation.

Nine Short Essays and Native Psychoanalysis––a Non-Elliptical Technique: Necessary Background Information Basic to Native Psychoanalysis.