The Black Watch: The Journal of Unconscious Psychology and Self-Psychoanalysis

Truth is

Three papers of interest are in the works

1.  A new paper entitled:

Mind Body Syndrome––the unconscious constellation: Condensation, abreaction and dissociative-repression in the genesis and disbandment of Tension Myositis Syndrome

is now available for download and viewing from the journal archive.

2.  The next step in Native Psychoanalysis, Re-Polarization Theory, is being gathered, and will be available around the turn of the year.  This extension of Freudian transference theory, makes concrete the idea of the transference, as it relates to the definition of all reality.  Solms is correct in declaring the id conscious, in so much as affect, defines and gives quality to all experience.  The affective valence attributed to any object or event can be altered, re-polarized, so as to redefine the outcome: reality.  In short: the past can be changed.  The results of this eventuality can be assessed in both theoretical, and particular terms. Theoretically: Although particular events are inscribed into the neocortical store as objective memories, the affective valence those memories mediate to define reality is malleable.  In particular: Traumata, even those such as rape or molestation, can be re-polarized, the reaction formations removed, and the memories once made preconscious reintegrated as an experiential template.  Theoretically:  Hebb's law can be invoked to create new pairings by using symbolic keys which correspond to particular dopaminergic brain circuits, allowing selective re-polarization of painful life experiences.  In particular: Deep psychical injuries stemming from the earliest periods can be healed, the past re-polarized to remove guilt and pain which is deeply embedded in the lowest strata of the psyche.  The primary source of guilt itself: the punitive aspects of super-ego can be healed.  The result is no less than a new approach to the construction of personality, and, a restructuring of the guilt which is at the very heart of modern misery.  Ethics are a function of empathy, not threat.  Once guilt is removed, and the pleasure circuitry and energetic stores of the mind liberated, sublimation and creativity are freed.  Practical Science is a theory which works––NOW.  Re-Polarization Theory: remove the primary guilt, re-polarize the pain and find sublimation on tap.  A new approach to what is needful.

3.  A paper outlining a systematized approach to the construction of literary symbolism.  Literary symbols are created as substitute symptoms.  A system is offered to give concrete demonstration to the processes of condensation, over-determination, displacement, and compromise formation as applied to both the analysis of neurotic symptoms, and, the creation of literary symbolism.

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